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We are doing something VERY special for YOU -- our first customers.

Not only have we answered your requests for MORE SUPPORT and MORE INTERACTION, but we have also changed the offer, reducing the price (and you can lock it in for life).

So scroll down and see what all the fuss is about...

Success Signature Labs Membership Live Coaching Site

Ongoing, WEEKLY Advanced Interactive
Coaching & Support For Your
Next Level Of Business Growth

Jennifer McLean and the Success Signature Membership Site

Have you ever wished for a place where your burning business questions can be answered...

Not only answered, but answered in THE moment of need?

Have you been wanting to interact directly, easily and regularly with your mentors and coaches...

AND without breaking the bank and paying those $200, $400, $600 hourly fees?

Are you tired of expanding your vision, your products and services alone?

You likely support employees, vendors, and contractors with your business and expertise... But wouldn’t it be nice to instead RECIEVE more advanced, leading-edge support, from a community of mentors and coaches who are here to serve YOU?

Imagine not only having one powerful coach,
but MANY coaches.

Imagine these coaches each holding an intention of helping you through just about any aspect of business you are up against.

AND these are coaches that you can interact with directly, who answer your direct and personal business challenges and opportunities.

Imagine being able to query these experienced coaches to help you vet and bring to fruition your ideas, programs, products, services and infrastructure.

Yep, you can ask them everything from the minutia of technology to the visionary strategies and all the tactics and “to-do’s” in between.


This Is YOUR Entrepreneurial HOME...

Insights, Ideas, Coaches, Answers... and more!!

...a safe place to explore, bounce ideas and establish nuanced insights for your Success Signature with those who know and have done it.

Jennifer wanted to make sure that you not only had her amazing Living Your Success Signature 18-Module video coaching program...

...but that you also had direct contact with her and other master coaches.

Even Jennifer’s amazing video coaching program has likely elicited some questions more personal to your business.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to ask those questions - not only of Jennifer, but of an amazing team of coaches.

The Power of Peer & Mentor Group Coaching:

Just like Living Your Success Signature Business is re-writing all the business and marketing books... this site is reinventing how you learn.

This is a peer-and-mentor model of live group coaching.

This is the place where you bring your challenges (and wins) to weekly coaching calls and learn from each other.

The way in which it works is so unique, we describe it similarly to when an A-string is plucked on a violin in a room filled with violins, all the A strings vibrate in harmony.

When one business challenge or opportunity is shared, masterminded and coached in a virtual room full of entrepreneurs, that peer experience creates the magic of new inspirations, new perceptions, and new ways of seeing and addressing a “problem.”

This group coaching and membership model gives you choice as a result.

Where there is choice there is freedom, which, in turn, allows the space for extreme creativity and vision...

Extreme Creativity, Inspiration,
and Vision Await You In This
Interactive Supportive Community

With The Group Coaching Model:

Community at this level delivers transparent conversations and generous sharings of key resources, tricks and secrets for success on all levels. You will be amazed at the generous support and knowledge-sharing within this remarkable group and community.

The generous communal sharing happens in part because it is simply safe to do so, but also because the heart-centered nature of the Success Signature program attracts like energies of compassionate and impact-creating souls just like you.

You stay in that space of creative expansion where you naturally open to new ideas and become sparked by peer and mentor conversations.

You receive instant insights and profound advice from business leaders while both your personal interaction and other members’ interactions create the sounding board for sharing and moving your ideas to the next level of action.

You’re able to take note of new ideas, points of view and methods for doing things with colleagues in the same space as you.

You’ll hear how another Success Signature member may have overcome the same challenge you are experiencing, then apply those same strategies to your business. You don’t have to do it alone any more.

The power of the interactive Success Signature membership community enables you to instantly receive the most advanced insights, trainings, strategies and tactics that you need right now.

People icons with colorful arcs flowing between their heads

Isn’t it time you received?

You will receive from both a community of peers and a stable of the most advanced coaches... all who truly HAVE YOUR BACK.

Here is What You Will Receive In the
Success Signature Labs Membership Site...

The content, insights, coaching and philosophies shared in your new membership site have been thoroughly vetted and thought through.

We are delivering what a busy, no-nonsense business professional needs... The newest intel and strategies that continually contribute to each week of growth, evolution and expansion.

You will receive seven categories of topics, including...

Live, interactive group coaching calls with Jennifer each month

Live, interactive coaching calls with contributing master coaches each week

Video blogs where Jennifer answers your direct questions

Video snippets from Jennifer’s live coaching groups

Live interviews with industry-leading experts

Shared ninja tricks, tips and strategies on video from the leaders at mastermind groups

Your Membership Categories Include:

Jenn LIVE Coaching

Jennifer McLean

Live coaching calls with Jennifer allow your personal business questions to be answered while you receive direct coaching from Jennifer each month.

This is the jewel of the Success Signature Labs Membership site and this alone pays for your monthly fees.

Join Jennifer on the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM California/Pacific TIME for 10 months of the year.

This is your chance to take advantage of her 30-plus years as a business strategist who worked with the top companies in multiple industries. You can also benefit from her 7 years of experience as a successful CEO of a multimillion-dollar company.

You can quiz her about any topic from the Living Your Success Signature Coaching program and/or things that come up during the course of your application of the insights, techniques and principles. You can even explore your own new ideas, which we may not have covered.

This is your time to get what you need DIRECTLY from Coach Jennifer.

Jennifer started her career in advertising sales before moving into promotional event marketing, then onward to traditional marketing management, which lead to public relations and brand communications, culminating a 27-year business strategy career in Corporate America. Jennifer launched Yahoo! Canada back in 1995 and played in the technology industry during the full boom and bust. She became a business strategist with specialization in marketing for startups.

Through that experience, she became an expert in reading, analyzing and understanding market cycles. She grew adept at when and how to creatively launch brand new visions and product concepts into emerging markets.

Jennifer, using her work with startups, created hundreds of multi-millionaires through her unique Credibility Branding System and has now packaged all of her expertise here for you…

Jennifer’s business prowess alone might be convincing enough to work with this remarkable person, but there is more... On top of all that powerful expertise, Jennifer, as a healer, is a facilitator in the movement of energy from the subtlest of origins.

More than 22 years ago, Jennifer trained in multiple modalities of energy healing and operated a part-time healing practice for just as many years.

She has guided thousands to unprecedented new levels of alignment, health, wholeness and abundance.

She has the gift of seeing the inner domains of your soul’s purpose and guides you to your grandest capacities, your “unique human potential,” while building a proven, strong, successful business around those capacities.

Experts LIVE Coaching

Mike Pearson, MaryCay Durrant, Mary A. Hall, Jessica Krewson, Derek Rydall

We have the high-performing McLean MasterWorks expert team coming to your rescue each Thursday at 5:30, each week with Live Q&A coaching calls.

Each week, you will work with a new expert that can guide you in:

SEO strategies, managing the tech minutia and general project management and operation strategies (Mike Pearson, Operations Strategist)

Freeing your abundance quotient, tapping into your money energy (Mary A. Hall, Abundance & Wealth Coach)

The business of business and the daily grind of team building, partnership-making and creating space (MaryCay Durrant, Fortune 500 Business Strategist & DEO Coach)

Graphic design, branding, appearance and feel (Jessica Krewson, Graphic & Brand Strategist)

The Law of Emergence - knowing you’re better and breaking through all barriers (Derek Rydall, Transformational Teacher, Coach, Healer)

There has never been a better virtual team to give you the guidance for every aspect of your business. These are coaches who are living these solutions each day, so they KNOW what works and what doesn’t.

Here, you can ask detailed questions of the daily business of business. This is where to turn when there seems to be nowhere else!

SEO & Social Media Mecca

SEO graphic

SEO (search engine optimization) and Social Media are two areas that stress out entrepreneurs. We’ve found that many get stuck in the distraction of social media and SEO, taking them away from their business instead of contributing to it.

This is where we will un-stress you with practical information on how to manage SEO and Social Media. We’ll show you how to use it so that it makes sense for your Success Signature Business. Get ready to know how to do it “right” and “well” (and maybe even less), and experience the resulting freedom.

Join Marc and Jason Debiak - web designers and developers, SEO specialists and owners of Paper Tiger Web Development firm as they assist you directly in live monthly coaching calls. You’ll ask Marc and Jason direct questions about your business.

Along with Jason and Marc, we’ll invite renowned leaders in SEO and Social Media for compelling interviews to dissect this interesting topic.

Ninja Traffic, Advertising & Conversions

colorful talk bubbles graphic

The million-dollar question and the constant burning desire in the heart of every business, “How do you get traffic to your products, services and/or brand???”

Here, we will offer the most current and cutting edge strategies that industry leaders apply to generate regular, targeted traffic.

Through video snippets filmed at real world mastermind events and conferences asking the experts their tips and tricks, to interviews with leaders in traffic building, advertising and conversion, you will be “in the know” on the latest and greatest tactics and strategies.

We will cover the ninja tricks and tips of traffic and conversion as well as the newest strategies and tactics for driving traffic through advertising.

These are the deep insider strategies that you can only find at the most elite mastermind events, which are only attended by the best of the best... And we bring you these strategies that are typically shared behind closed doors.

Inventors Corner

sketch of lightbulb graphic

One of the least-covered topics for entrepreneurs is how to create, build, produce and bring to market a physical product.

We will bring in experts to guide you to FINALLY solidifying a plan and establishing your next steps to penetrate the retail and reseller markets with your invention/product.

You will also hear directly from the inventors, themselves, about their journey as they deliver tips and tricks for you to bring YOUR invention to market.

You won’t find this anywhere but here!

Big Vision Reality Check

graphic of person on ladder drawing on big chalkboard

The wonderful opportunity with a BIG VISION is that it moves you off the couch and into action.

The challenge with a BIG VISION is where to start, how to be strategic vs. tactical with it, and how to have a bigger vision and bigger accompanying operation succeed in a vacuum of tactics.

We’ve literally watched the wrong road being taken, moving into action too fast, bank accounts getting deleted, savings lost and even witnessed homelessness when pursuing a vision without the first steps being properly pursued.

This is the pace to vet and learn how to take a big vision and gracefully bring it into reality in a sane pace via mouth-sized bits that bring it to fruition in a safe and monetarily feasible way.

You will learn the basic questions that, when answered, will allow you a clear path to do it elegantly with a lot less risk.

Just ask your big vision questions of Jennifer and she will answer in a video blog format. We will also be placing live footage from Jennifer’s coaching group workshops with the latest Success Signature information to manage your big vision.

Your Success Signature Blog

graphic of hand with icons floating above it

Here you will experience powerful content from Jennifer and the expert contributors, offering in-the-moment insights based on real world trends and opportunities.

Get ready to go on a Success Signature adventure of new business ideas, new ways to implement tactics, identify strategies that win and all forms of business support that will take you to the next and the next AND THE NEXT levels of success and profit.

You are about to move the needle on your business with these amazing posts of wisdom.

Isn’t that an amazing array of needed and powerful content? Information you can use each and every week! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Ok We Need to Come Clean...

There is a very distinct set of reasons WHY we are offering you a chance to not only...

JOIN a community of powerful entrepreneurial peers

AND work with the most advanced business coaches and teachers

WHILE receiving that support in an interactive group-coaching model

We want to transparently address why we have created this for you...


First... We did it because you needed it, requested it and some of you begged us for this!

We have heard from you by the hundreds that while the Success Signature 18-Module coaching program delivered on the promise of moving the needle on your business...

The day-to-day life of being an entrepreneur on the cutting edge of content in your industry requires a more specific, live, interactive access.

You told us you want more and need more personal attention.

So, you see, we had to create this membership site for you.

woman with pen to chin looking up
photo of asphalt road to the sun


The second reason is based on our original intention of our Living Your Success Signature roll out was to have 5 volumes of content -- and that has changed.

By the time we finished the second volume, we realized we needed a different format, including a more interactive way to deliver the content that would have been in the “rest” of the volumes.

That is the beauty of how business really works. We course correct on behalf of our customers... and you receive the results and the gift.

The first 2 volumes (Vol 1 - Launching Your Success Signature Business and Vol 2 Leveraging Your Success Signature Business) found in the Living Your Success Signature Business coaching program delivered a complete offering - from tactics to strategies, to asking for and getting what you need, to space and command.

We see the 18-Module program as a complete, thorough and succinct package.

We realized that we needed to course correct and deliver the next set of content planned for Volumes 3 - 5 in a wholly different way.

So, the very same content that would have been delivered in a generalized format, is now being offered through this exciting and interactive membership format.

Now, you receive this same content that was originally planned for Volumes 3 - 5 as an interactive, energy changing, personal exchange.

And, you will tap into and receive the NEWEST content and strategies offered in a format that an individual product could never deliver.

image of laptop screen

This membership site therefore represents the 3 volumes of the Living Your Success Signature product PLUS Plus plus.

PLUS the updates, new ideas, tactics and strategies in REAL TIME.

PLUS the interactive group coaching.

PLUS ACCESS to the leading teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs AS they discover the newest models and programs, then deliver them to you as soon as they can.

We teach that flexibility in the Living Your Success Signature program and course correction are essential parts of a Success Signature Business.

By moving from the product model into this, we are creating a more adaptable format of an organic growing, in-the-moment membership site that we think will serve you even better.

This is the format that you have been asking for... and we are now happy to deliver a format that a product could never deliver.

Silhouettes of people jumping on beach

5 Reasons To Join the Success Signature
Labs Membership Site and Grow
Your Success Signature Business....

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Real Content From REAL Experts:

We aren’t bringing on people that are just teachers. Our contributors and guest speakers are real, live entrepreneurs just like you. These are mentors who have succeeded powerfully and work at the areas of expertise from which they contribute each and every day.

They didn’t do it or live it before; They are living and breathing this content right now, today, therefore delivering super current and actionable information that has been proven to work.

Strategies & Tactics THAT WORK

We are delivering the most current strategies and latest tactics that have most recently worked. Nothing but the newest, most cutting edge programs and ideas will be offered in this membership site.

AND these are the things that you can implement RIGHT NOW and see immediate results. We wouldn’t have anything but the highest level of excellence in content that has been designed to grow you right NOW.

Weekly Live Coaching Shows, Weekly New Content

Your business doesn’t stop, so we can’t either.

We are here each week with live coaching calls and brand new material in video, audio and text format... ALL of it interactive.

Most of these kinds of sites offer monthly updates... we know that you need your questions answered each week. Get used to hanging out with your coaches and industry leaders; take in and receive that weekly support.

There is no other membership site that is offering the level of live mentorship and coaching. Go check it out and PLEASE do compare us.

A Connected & Powerful Community

Are you ready to NOT DO THIS ALONE?

Are you ready to feel connected to a group of savvy supportive entrepreneurs?

The Success Signature Community members are second to none. Here, you will have the chance to interact with each other, experience each other’s gifts and support each other’s wins and challenges. It is real and powerful and here for you.

Heart-Centered, Soul-Expanding Coaching

You will NOT receive dry, repetitive, textbook business coaching on this membership site.

NOPE, we are delivering content, ideas, coaching and even healing session work completely from the heart.

Everything we offer is designed to move you both inspirationally and energetically to bring forward the best you to your customers and clients.

Together, we will help each other to change this whole darn planet.

The Value of Success Signature Labs
Membership Site...

So, let’s talk about value... Think about your day-to-day operations... How many times in a week, heck, even a day, have you thought:

“Gosh, I wish I could just ask someone about this task/challenge/problem instead of forever trying to figure it out myself.”

photo of last puzzle piece going in

Receiving those answers every single week is just a tip-of-the-iceberg of value that you will receive from this powerful membership community.

If you think of it in terms of price, consider this...

Live, interactive calls with Jennifer alone would be about $750 an hour... Then, based on algorithm of her hourly rate and her $15,000 3-Day group coaching rate with her $20,000 rate for half day individual work... Just the monthly coaching calls with Jennifer would be valued at $1250 PER MONTH.

THEN throw in all the incredibly valuable video snippets, audio interviews AND live interactive coaching with experts in various content specializations that would be at least a $500/hour value in a group-coaching model. So that would be an additional $1000 per month.

So, we are already at $2500 a month and that doesn’t even include the ninja traffic and conversion video snippets from real leaders at real, high-end masterminds... which we can’t even put a price on.

Now, to take it into current market values, many industry experts are currently asking for $1300 annually or over $300 per month for membership sites that only update their material monthly (and that is the DISCOUNT rate)... with FAR less content and ZERO interaction.

As is our continual intention, we want to make sure the greatest number of individuals can participate AND ensure you have PLENTY of money left over to take care of your business.

We also want to ensure you are well taken care of and have the coaching support you need.

A price that delivers the “duh” factor

photo of guy with laptop on beach

We have PACKED so much content and interaction into this membership site for a crazy, low monthly (or annual) price, that it is a big old “duh” as to whether to take advantage of this opportunity.


Because, as we have mentioned before, we feel the tremendous momentum of launching and leveraging world-class heart-centered businesses is at hand.

We powerfully feel that supporting heart-focused, compassion-centered business is a true movement... a cause even... that we want to continue sustaining to eventually bring forth a complete evolution of business.


Because we want all of you to be part of that evolution, we are offering this content-rich, mentorship-packed Success Signature Labs membership site at these crazy prices.

This is designed for SERIOUS entrepreneurs and priced to fully support you in your growth strategies.

You have your choice of splitting this into monthly payments (pay as you go) OR pay with an annual (highly discounted) rate.

Here’s what you receive when you order today for either the Monthly or Annual Membership level: 7 Categories of relevant and current topics that impact your business every day; Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls with Jennifer on the latest Success Signature intel; Weekly LIVE coaching calls with our experienced, savvy contributing coaches; Access to Facebook Success Signature Community - an ongoing, interactive mastermind; Monthly contributing speakers, video snippets and ninja tricks and tips that deliver the MOST cutting-edge and current info; Tons of content on the latest and greatest business support. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Secured by Annual Membership $447/Year ADD TO CART Monthly Membership $59/Month ADD TO CART

We hope you will join us and we can’t wait to get started with you!

Here’s to YOU, your Success Signature and making the impact you desire.

In light and gratitude,


P.S. The Success Signature Labs Membership Site promises to deliver the insights that have the biggest impact in the least amount of time. What every entrepreneur desires... and what we desire for you.

P.S.S. This is your chance to interact with world-class coaches and mentors AND directly with Jennifer. This is your opportunity to completely reduce to rubble any and all distractions and perceived roadblocks and make an impact by getting your business humming like a well-oiled machine. THIS IS YOUR TIME -- JOIN US


In case you’re one of those people (like me) who always skips to the end of a letter, here’s the deal:

The Success Signature Labs Membership Site promises to deliver the insights that have the biggest impact in the least amount of time.

This is what we have always wanted for ourselves and are creating now for you.

Being Of Service At Every Turn

You, by your very participation, will be shaping the content on every call. Your intentions, your questions, your needs create not only the answers for you, but for all. AND it is our overwhelming intention to deliver that level of service to you at every turn. No question is too small, no business rock is too big to roll over... we will address everything with current, implementable accuracy.

photo of open hands

Access Us Through Multiple Mediums

Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, computer or any device that you are using in any given moment, you can access us. With weekly live shows and weekly updated content, we are connected to you in any medium and at any time you need us.

photo of woman with ipad

Profound Transformational Heart-Based Coaching

You are about to explore in a new and interactive way, the previously ignored aspects of the energetic, the creative, the eternal, the compassionate and caring aspects of business. It is the secret ingredient that separates this content and membership site from all others (and the secret to manifestation and long-lasting success).

graphic of heart made from birds in flight

The Needed Content For A Modern Entrepreneur

With 7 well-thought-out categories of content, you will have everything you need in your toolkit of business ideas, inspirations, strategies and tactics. Everything from generating traffic, improving conversions, tapping into your Success Signature and your abundance frequencies, to SEO, social media and advertising, it’s all here for you!

photo of hand drawing upward graph points

Just choose monthly or annual payments and you are ready to receive the help you need TODAY:

Here’s what you receive when you order today for either the Monthly or Annual Membership level: 7 Categories of relevant and current topics that impact your business every day; Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls with Jennifer on the latest Success Signature intel; Weekly LIVE coaching calls with our experienced, savvy contributing coaches; Access to Facebook Success Signature Community - an ongoing, interactive mastermind; Monthly contributing speakers, video snippets and ninja tricks and tips that deliver the MOST cutting-edge and current info; Tons of content on the latest and greatest business support. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Secured by Annual Membership $447/Year ADD TO CART Monthly Membership $59/Month ADD TO CART